Alberta’s North West is big. Big country, big skies, big rivers, and big dinosaur bone beds. Up here, escape into lush landscapes, shimmering lakes and raging rivers. There are campgrounds, accommodations and lots of restaurants to fuel your entire day while you #ExploreNWAB.

The MD of Greenview, Grande Cache, Grande Prairie, Hinton, and the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum invite you to be part of the north west. Roam through the mountains, wander the hiking trails in Willmore Wilderness Park, raft the massive Sulphur River under towering cliffs, visit the communities and just maybe be a dinosaur hunter for the day. Pipestone Creek Dinosaur bed is one of the densest fossil sites in the world and its yours to discover. Bring your friends, there is plenty of space for all of you. It’s time to #ExploreNWAB

For those of us farther away, use these #ExploreNWAB stories to inspire your future adventures - these places are worth the wait if you can’t visit in 2020. (those dinosaurs have waited this long; they will wait another year!)

We encourage you to share any of our stories below. Explore what’s possible via ZenSeekers videos and stories to #ExploreNWAB this summer. ROAR!

Learn more on what each of these communities has in store:

Bike Hinton


MD Greenview

Grande Cache

Grande Prairie

Philip J. Curry Dinosaur Museum

Over the past few years, we @ZenSeekers have been working with Travel Alberta and our destination partners to generate engaging video, editorial and photo content celebrating the region, built to remind you how good life is in North Western Alberta.

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