The 10 Most Read Stories of the Decade

To usher in the new decade, we're taking a look back at our top stories of the past 10 years.

From inspiring indigenous tales, to gorgeous hiking tips -- take a trip through time with the 10 most popular stories on ZenSeekers, ever!

We hope you enjoy and we cannot wait to create more stories that spark your interest in becoming more mindful in everyday life!


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Pine or spruce

Tell the difference between pine, spruce and fir

with a little lore to help

Is it a fir? Or is it a spruce? Maybe it’s a pine. Maybe we’ll just keep walking and admire the shrubs instead. I don’t know about you, but calling all trees with spikey...

Top Hikes in Crowsnest Pass

Top 5 Hikes in The Crowsnest Pass

Nestled in the southern Canadian Rockies, the Crowsnest Pass – or fondly referred to as “The Pass,” boasts spectacular scenery, a rich coal mining history, friendly communities, and great hiking...

Waterfall on Vancouver Island

Waterfalls of Vancouver Island

There's something magical about waterfalls. From hearing roaring water from a distance to up close and personal, each waterfall is wonderfully unique. They intrigue us, inspire us, and are one of...


The wild West Coast of Vancouver Island in Bamfield

Have you thought about what life was like on Vancouver Island when things were a little more rugged, a little more remote and life moved at a slower pace? I recently experienced just that, and I didn...

Port Alberni Fishing

Port Alberni – A Fishing Adventure

The beauty of the ancient forests and mighty mountains of Vancouver Island draw many visitors to explore the wild west coast. Myself as a hiker and mountain biker seek out the endless trails and...

Build your own Tabletop Zen Garden

Sitting on a beach, it’s hard to resist dragging your fingers in swirling patterns to create your own mini Zen garden. The feel of the grains on your fingertips and the heat of the sand is very...


Welcome to Klah-Ah-Men, a place of refuge

The waves of the Salish Sea crash rhythmically along the shore of the Sunshine Coast and the seaside harbour town of Lund. Rich with history dating back thousands of years this community is on the...

Port Alberni

Building An Epic Night Out in Port Alberni #ExplorePortAlberni

Port Alberni, B.C. - It takes courage and determination to see through a vision in creating a new business. For Port Alberni’s Robin Miles and Andy Richards, it’s a whole lot of “dog-to-a-bone”...

Lac La Biche

Tasting fire in Lac La Biche

Ever eaten a fire ant? That’s the question Dragan Uzelac has posed to Maranda Cardinal and her friend Taissya Reutov. The two women pause, unsure if Uzelac is joking. He’s not.

Lac La Biche

Adventures in camping, paddling and history in Lac La Biche

It’s not every day that someone can paddle their way around history. But you can in Lac La Biche, home to one of Canada’s most unique provincial parks, Sir Winston Churchill Park, Alberta’s only...