ZenSeekers’ 40-day Challenge will renew body and soul

Restore your sense of optimism

We understand that you might be feeling overwhelmed by the world right now, so we’d like to help you find optimism in the present and empower your future – because IT IS going to get better. Together with our ZenSeekers’ community, you’ll renew your body and soul guided by world-class instructors who will lead you through exclusive daily movement and mindfulness practices.

Join us today by becoming a member of ZenSeekers’ 40-Day Challenge that will give you peace of mind and lift up your mind, body and soul.

Here's the skinny and how to sign up:

ZenSeekers' 40-Day Challenge launches on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 (April 13 & 14, orientation practice). One-hour practices are delivered by two experienced mind and body instructors:

Kathryn Bruni-Young: Kathryn, 30, has been offering online yoga sessions that focus on mindful strength and mobility for five years. She teaches her own hybrid style of practice that blends pilates, strength, functional movement and yoga.  Kathryn completed her first training and began teaching at age 16, and has only looked forward since then. Her mom, Diane Bruni, opened one of Canada’s first yoga studios. Kathryn’s strength & mobility practice is accessible for all and done in a mindful way.

Jane Loney, not a day over 56, has been a mind and body instructor for most of her adult life. A soulful personality, who teaches out of Oceanside Yoga on Vancouver Island, Jane’s goal is to rebalance our overloaded nervous systems while guiding students on a journey within that will include stress-free yoga and mindfulness practice. 
She will challenge you to “stop and listen” - understanding that we are influenced by what's happening around us - and if we are stressed on the outside, our insides will be stressed as well.

Your one-time membership fee in ZenSeekers’ 40-Day Challenge includes:

  • The practice schedule will alternate with themes that focus one day on the body and movement while the next will focus primarily on the mind. 
  • Access to an exclusive private Facebook group where you can connect with your instructors and challenge-mates, access supporting materials, freebies and fun surprises along the way 
  • The legacy of self-practice, be left with mind and body teachings and technologies that can live with you for a lifetime.

Sign up her

Cost of 40-day challenge: $188 for six weeks of education on how to become the hero of your own journey. (See below for a special incentive that offers 10% off your membership, using code ZENSEEKERS10)

How you’ll connect with Jane and Kathryn: ZenSeekers’ 40-Day Challenge will available via daily sessions delivered on a private link via YouTube with more background and community found within the exclusive Facebook Group page.

Timeline: Becoming a member of ZenSeekers’ 40-Day Challenge means you are signing up to spend an hour a day, six days a week, with Sundays off from April 15 to May 24, 2020 (noting practices will be recorded so you can take them in when it works for you).

What you’ll receive: Six weeks of instruction that will help you get through these difficult times and shape your own journey through a mind and body connection. Click here to join.

We know you will come away feeling optimistic.

Why not join us with a friend or family member? Simply tag them and you can both sign up today.

Our practise schedule is - 9 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, starting Monday, April 13. Thursday at 8 p.m. is a special time to allow for some of the best sleep you'll have all month (all times quoted in Pacific Standard Time).  Don’t stress if you miss a practice, because, in addition to our private Facebook group, you’ll also have exclusive access to our YouTube channel that will include each practice.

Meanwhile, stay strong, stay safe and #StayHome.




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