A note to Gord Downie from one of a million fans

A note to Gord Downie from one of a million fans


Gord, I was one of those thousands of faces in the crowds at over a dozen of your shows. And, you know what happened every time - that can only be described as an electrifying experience that is a Tragically Hip concert? En route, during or leaving the venue, every single one of the thousands of us came together by singing the Canadian national anthem.

Since you launched on the scene as “The Hip” in 1984, your words and your gripping on-stage performances put Canada on the map.

You challenged us as Canadians to not only appreciate who we are, but talk about the gaps in our society and ideas about how we could be better moving forward together. Your tireless work over these past years, bridging this gap between our Indigenous neighbours will not be forgotten.

You laid down a challenge to your fellow Canadians, and that flame will not be extinguished. Whether it was putting a spotlight on a place like my old neck-of-the-woods, Manitoba and its Brandon Wheat Kings, or challenging us to have the courage to look back at our history and take time to celebrate visionaries like Hugh MacLennan.

Every word you spoke had purpose and every song you wrote became an anthem of its own.

The legacy you leave behind only charges Canada forward as the best place on earth to call home.

Words cannot describe the sense of pride you’ve instilled in me for this country. You celebrated Canada, you celebrated Canadians and we thank you for that.

Gord, you are my hero. You fought a hard battle. You can rest in peace now; you deserve it more then words can ever describe.

Thank you.














For the audience reading this please add your pledge and support now to a cause that was dear to Gord Downie. I kindly ask you to go do something in recognition of a this great Canadian. Visit the Downiewenjack website, read about what was important to Gord, and – perhaps put down $20 in his honour. Maybe its time to learn more about your first nations cousins, go and figure out how you can volunteer to help preserve their culture. It’s about moving our country forward, just what Gord sang about every day.