Learning and Community

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Learning and Community

Some of the best trips are the ones where you expand your mind and learn something new. It could be about a culture, an art or craft that brings you joy and new insights. In Alberta, you can venture out onto a frozen lake and learn the craft of photographing the artful bubbles and fissure. Or, learn the secrets of how to best to capture the beauty of a wildflower during the Wildflower Festival in Waterton. In any corner of B.C. and Alberta there’s a chance to have that a-ha moment. 

Someone, take my pulse, I thought as we flew over the Okanagan on a gorgeous fall day. My adrenaline was pumping as we were being treated to an awesome aerial perspective flying on a helicopter – without doors – over Mission Hill winery, Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley.

Discovering the golden light, green jade and good people in this beautiful part of B.C.

Imagine coming away from an oceanside mini-holiday feeling refreshed and relaxed, but also leaving with a beautiful piece of artwork that you made with your very own hands.

By Mark Matthews

Our visit to O’ Keefe Ranch was a first-time ranch experience for me and my girlfriend, Chelsea. Leaving the sounds of the highway, just north of Vernon, B.C., behind and stepping onto the soft dirt pathways of the working historic ranch was a refreshing experience.

Looking for a place to do just that this summer that also includes a lovely drive towards the mountains? Then you have to hit up the Cochrane Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings this summer.

As we pulled our minivan into the parking lot at Dinosaur Provincial Park, we couldn’t help but feel a twinge of excitement about our upcoming Fossil Safari Tour.