First Nations and Culture

Dax Justin

First Nations and Culture

Canada’s First Nations culture and the heritage of the people who make our country so unique can be explored anywhere you’re travelling in Canada’s west. Stay at lodges run by First Nations communities who will happily share their oral history, their food, music, dance and art. Festivals like the Kamloopa PowWow will leave you wondering why you haven’t been to one before, while a visit to the sacred lands of the Haida G’waii will leave you entranced. 

There is something I felt while exploring Sonoma in the Arizona heat that I did not expect to experience once again in the Pacific Northwest.

Mesmerized by the powerful and hypnotic beat of the ancient drums, we pull ourselves away from the fire-warmed trapper's cabin (after a delicious bannock and beef stew feast, a Métis favourite!) and hop on the wagon for the short ride to the main stage.

Landing in Sandspit, the main airport to access the village of Queen Charlotte in Haida Gwaii, gave me the same anxious butterflies I felt on the first day of school.

As dusk descends, an explosion of violence shatters the tranquility of the world’s largest remaining tract of unspoiled ancient temperate rainforest. The chase is on.